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Höhepunkte North Gran Canaria

Los Piratas de Canarias

Anschrift: C/ Concejal M. Rodríguez, Las Palmas de GC.
Kontakt: +34 676 217 082

Enjoy the best Italian food in the Canaries in a magical place in pirate style oceanfront !!! Leggi tutto...

La Ormiga

Anschrift: Calle Domingo J. Navarro 27A, Las Palmas de GC.
Kontakt: +34 928 074 253

CHILDREN'S FASHION BOUTIQUE LA ORMIGA LAS PALMAS. La Boutique La Ormiga consists of a young, innovative company dedicated to the design, manufacture and sale of a child, elegant fashion and quality, which began its journey in 2010.With 26 franchises across the Iberian peninsula, now coming to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, in the commercial area of Triana, in an elegant and cozy, with the aim of providing the market, and thus to parents, a garment r    Leggi tutto...
  • Los Piratas de Canarias

    Kategorie: Restaurants

  • La Ormiga

    Kategorie: Kleidung

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